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Entrepreneurial skills- will include lessons on business plans, including pricing structure, marketing, and selling strategies, Participants will have the option to solicit direct donations for matching funds.

Community Project Hours- Funds donated to the General Fund will be dispersed based on the number of hours a participant completes in community projects. Included concepts will be community service, such as trash pick up, assisting with park work, etc. Supporting veterans and law enforcement personnel. Lawn care for elderly, single parents, etc.

Work Skills- We will be partnering with various businesses to offer experiences where participants visit businesses, learning how the business operates and delivers their product. After a tour, participants will take part in daily business tasks, learning important skills in how to be a good employee, while also exposing them to a variety of jobs for future consideration. Businesses can make a donation to the General Fund to be awarded to participants. We will also ask each business to fill out a form with tasks partcipants did well at, as well as areas where they could improve. We feel it is important for participants to come away with a greater level of respect for business owners, as well as useful skills for when they are in the job market.

Tradesmen Projects- We will partner with various skilled tradesmen, such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. Participants will learn basic skills and complete a project for one of our community service projects.

It is important to note that we will make every effort to offer each of these items on a regular basis. However, that will be dependent on the number of participants signed up. Scholarship distribution will be made at the end of our fundraising season, and will be based on the TOTAL number of hours you completed. The amount per hour will be determined at the end, giving us as much time as possible to collect donations, we will do our best to keep everyone informed on our funding capabilities. Remember, the MORE you do the MORE you will be guaranteed for your scholarship.