We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Our group members spent last weekend Trick-Or-Treating around the Flathead. Not for candy, for donations to benefit area food banks! We collected over 700 items for local food banks. While learning how to talk to adults, how to talk to strangers, AND how to talk to strangers while a crowd is watching!
Building life long skills in community minded citizens!



We are excited to announce our Spring 2017 Youth Scholarship results. At the end of this 5 month term, we were able to award over $11,000 in scholarship funds to Flathead Valley Youth. Our per hour award amount came to $17.79! Not only were our participants able to EARN scholarship funds to follow their passions, they each came away a different person. They have pride in what they earned, they see how important it is to connect with their community, and the business world is something fun, exciting and understandable to them. We couldn't be more proud of our participants this term!


For our latest community service project, Powdered Soul is adopting local schools. Our goal is to provide each teacher with a basket of supplies that they would normally purchase with their own money. Some of these items include hand sanitizer, pencils, notebooks, markers, pens, etc. Our participants will be collecting these items in the upcoming weeks in order to provide the school with the supplies they need without a personal financial burden on the teachers. Powdered Soul delivered 38 baskets full of school supplies to teachers across the valley. We were also able to deliver extra Kleenex and hand sanitizer to school offices. Each basket contained an average of $40 worth of school supplies. This means we were able to deliver over $1500 worth of supplies to assist teachers in the Flathead Valley. Thank you to all of our donors and sponsors for helping us make this happen! 




Nominate someone in your community for a YARD PARTY provided by our organization participants during our RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS WEEK

Do you know someone AHHHmazing?!? Someone that our community would be different without? Someone that is going through one of life's "down" moments, and would benefit from a surprising ray of sunshine? Someone having a birthday? Someone that needs to FEEL loved?

Nominate them for Powdered Soul's Random Act of Kindness Week YARD PARTY! Powdered Soul will bring a group of our youth members and leave a little love around their yard. NOTHING makes you feel special, loved, and like a gitty 8 year old again than seeing streamers and signs in your yard!

Send us your nomination via email or through our website! Make sure you provide their name, address, description of house, and a short description of why they deserve and Random Act of Love. If you would like to nominate through the website please visit our contact page.

Powdered Soul's Flathead Valley Random Act of Kindness week starts August 7!


 Powdered Soul, a local nonprofit benefiting area youth, completed their first major community service event for the summer. Over the past month youth participants have been collecting gently used children’s clothing, protein/snack bars, gently used adult clothing, and toiletry items to donate to Kalispell Heart Locker. Kalispell Heart Locker is a nonprofit organization organized to assist homeless youth. It is run in conjunction with the Kalispell School District.

Kalispell Heart Locker expressed that their most urgent needs were children’s clothing and protein/snack bars. Powdered Soul participants cleaned out their own closets and asked friends, family, and  the community at large. One family printed a flyer for their youth participants to pass out to any business they visited during the month. Powdered Soul’s mission is to assist area youth in earning money for extracurricular activities. One opportunity for our youth to be awarded money is via community service projects such as this. Powdered Soul participants visited Kalispell Heart Locker, helping to unload their items, tour the facility and receive a lecture from Kalispell Heart Locker’s Executive Director Nichole Heyer.

The initial goal for the Powdered Soul team was 250 items. They turned in 2,047 items! Powdered Soul’s Executive Director, Valerie Kneeland said, “To see our youth become so invested and committed to this process is exactly what we are aiming for at Powdered Soul. Not only do we want to assist the youth in earning money to fund extracurricular activities, we want to see them grow in their understanding and commitment to their community. We couldn’t be prouder of our participants.” Powdered Soul’s next large community service project is free lawn care for community members in need. They are also hosting Flathead Valley’s Random Acts of Kindness, August 7-11.


Youth participants with Powdered Soul have been assisting DREAM Adaptive Recreation with their summer Paddleboard Series. The Summer Paddleboard Series runs multiple days from June to August. Powdered Soul participants assist with unloading trailers and setting up each event. They also assist with needs of participants.  This includes things such as playing with them on the shore, cheering them along, or accompanying them in the water. “Watching our members grow during this process has been very rewarding,” Valerie Kneeland, Executive Director for Powdered Soul. “To not only give our participants a solid understanding of the challenges that differently abled athletes go through, but to teach them the skills to be accepting and helpful to these individuals is a large part of our goal at Powdered Soul.” Powdered Soul will continue attending the Paddleboard Series this summer and looks forward to working with DREAM Adaptive Recreation during their winter program.