WHY 501(C)(3)?

The reason we became an official 501(c)(3) was for our athletes. We wanted to show the skiing community that we are 100% serious about dedicating the organization completely to the sport of skiing. We do not want there to be any hesitation from our supporters about where their money is going. We also want our athletes to be completely confident promoting our organization, knowing their values coincide with ours. We want every penny you donate to change the sport of skiing and ski racing for the better. Connecting athletes, the skiing community, and the sport as a whole is what we are about. 

WHERE DOes the money GO?

As an official non-profit we are legally (as well as willingly) required to cycle all our profits back into our organization for our stated purposes. We have community commitments through 2019 to provide all adminstrative needs free to our organization. This means 100% of money donated, will go DIRECTLY to a youth member! You are not paying for copies, salaries, or lunches. Your donation will go directly to a youth member who is working hard to fund their extracurricular fees.