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Our scholarship program is designed to create well rounded citizens that understand and value the importance of community service and involvement. Participants will participate in community service projects that challenges them to learn new skills while positively contributing to our community. The amount of funding they receive will be based on hours contributed to their community. One of our main lessons to participants is "The harder you work, the more you earn!"

Who we are and what we are doing at a glance

Here are the basics of Powdered Soul's Youth Scholarship Program-

Our Goals:

* To help youth participants lessen the financial burden of extracurricular activities on their families

* Help teach youth participants the value of money and community connections

* Leave a lasting impression on our community

How it works for our participants: 

Entrepreneurial Skills

- Participants will design and produce a product to sell at Farmers Markets and holiday markets around the valley. They will learn basic economics, business development and marketing. 

         * 100% of all money raised will go towards individual participants scholarship accounts 

         * Powdered Soul will work hard with each participant, providing as much support and guidance as each participants needs. Whether this means individual meetings, or hosting parties where we build products together. Our goal is to make the youth self sufficient in this project, we do not want this to become a source of stress for parents or family. We want the youth to get the most out of this experience that they can, including feeling ownership as well as realizing they did the work, and they are in control of their results. We have a tremendous group of adult volunteers, each willing to teach their area of expertise to these youth. From marketing, design, to basic power tool usage to complete their products in a safe manner. 

Community Service

- Powdered Soul will organize multiple community service programs throughout the valley. Activities will range from nursing home visits, to community beautification. Participants will be awarded per hour they work. Funds will come from the General Fund, solicited from businesses and personal donors. The Fund will close in October, at that point we will divide the number of hours worked by Powdered Souls participants, and award a per hour amount. While we won't know how much you will earn per hour, we do know the MORE you work the MORE you will earn. We will work closely with our donors to design community service products that speak to their community concerns and goals. We want our youth to come away with a strong sense of community. 





If an athlete chooses this option, they will receive scholarships from the Powdered Soul General Fund. The scholarship money will be dispersed based on the number of hours a participant completes in community service projects. Some examples of included concepts will be: community beautification, such as trash pick up, assisting with park work, etc. Supporting veterans and law enforcement personnel,  lawn care for elderly, single parents, etc. The athletes are also free to present their own idea that will positively impact the community that they enjoy or are passionate about.  The goal with this program is to not only connect youth to our community, but also to teach them the value of hard work and money. Our General Fund awards will be made in October, with 100% of funds raised being dispersed to scholarship recipients. Until the fund closes, we will not know how much each hour of community service will award. However, as in life, the MORE the youth puts into their work they MORE they will get out of it. 

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EntreprenEurial skills

This option will include lessons on business plans, including pricing structure, marketing, and selling strategies. Participants will then create a product to sell in the community at the local Farmers Market. 100% of what participants raise will go towards their scholarship award. Not only will participants earn money towards their scholarship award, they will be learning real world job skills and economics. This program is structured to allow a multiyear education, growing in details as the participant ages. We will also offer online sales, focusing on basic e-commerce.


Work Skills

We will be partnering with various local businesses to offer experiences where participants can learn how the business operates and delivers their product. After a tour, participants will take part in daily business tasks, learning important skills in how to be a good employee, while also exposing them to a variety of jobs for future consideration. Businesses can make a donation to the General Fund to be awarded to participants. We will also ask each business to fill out a form with tasks participants did well at, as well as areas where they could improve. We feel it is important for participants to come away with a greater level of respect for business owners, as well as useful skills for when they are in the job market.         



tradesman projects 

We will partner with various skilled tradesmen, such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. Participants will learn basic skills and complete a piece for one of our community service projects related to the the profession they observed and experienced. 

We will focus on skills that are no longer taught in schools, basic home maintenance items such as unclogging a garbage disposal, replacing an electrical outlet, and small carpentry projects. Participants will receive participation credits once they complete a seminar with one of our skilled tradesmen, and submit a report showing how they applied their new learned skill at home. 



Unfortunately applications are currently closed for this term. Please continue to check in for more opportunities!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are here to serve our participants and families, we are committed to working with any youth that is willing to commit to this process. We currently have a wide range of ages, as well as a wide range of goals. If participants can't make it to workshops, we will conduct one on one workshops either in person, or on Skype. We will give you all the tools you need to succeed, it is up the youth to put the items together to come out successfully. 


Scholarship Updates Page


Scholarship Updates Page


MAY 13, 2017

Entrepreneurial Skills Workshop

Here are some photos from our workshop where the participants began formulating their business plans and creating their products for the farmers market. The youth worked through Powdered Soul's Entrepreneurial Workbook. Each participant came with a list of potential items to make and sell. Our adult mentors sat with the youth, working through their primary and secondary sales market, COGS, and how to lower their COGS in order to clear a higher profit. We also went through each product as a group, using our team as a market focus group, what strong points did we all see, what weakness could be worked on, as well as ways to market, or package the products for stronger sales potential. We are very excited to watch our participants grow into adults, and to see them begin to conceptualize what economics means in their life. 

We will be conducting another workshop, focused on marketing. We will help set up displays to make items eye catching, as well as look at ways to give their items more appeal to a larger market. We will role play with our participants covering topics such as how do you talk to strangers, how do you sell your product, how do you turn a NO into a YES. 

Watch for updates, as well as spotlight reports on each participant, what they are producing, and how you can purchase their product! 

APRIL 23, 2017


Good Evening!

We are excited to announce that we have secured a booth at the Whitefish Farmers Market! The market is open from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM every Tuesday from May 30 through September 26th.

If you have NOT sent me your intent to participate form, please send it ASAP. In an effort to not bog down everyone's email we will begin sending emails to participating group members only. You can elect to participate in one or several facets of our scholarship program.

The farmers market will be a forum for those participating in our Entrepreneurial Skills Program. We will work with each participant to develop a product to sell, including a business and marketing plan. Each participant will develop a sales goal that they can present to family and friends for donation pledges. Family and friends can encourage the participant to work hard and follow through with their goals by pledging to donate a tax deductible amount based on the amount of money the participant raises.

We have approximately one month to get plans written and products produced. We can sell craft items or locally grown produce. We also have several weeks set aside for group projects such as face painting, glitter tattoos, etc.. I will schedule the first business planning session within the next week. I will try to accommodate as many schedules as possible and will also produce home worksheets for the participants to use with the help of parents.

We will begin our other areas of work in the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Powdered Soul

March 16, 2017

We are excited to announce our new youth scholarship program!

This is not your average scholarship program. We have a multi prong system in place to assist athletes to EARN funds. As a parent, I find it difficult to communicate to my kids how much things really costs, as well as the true value of that money. I also find when they are fully informed on how expensive the activities are, there is a different level of commitment from them. We also worry about long term business, budgeting, and work ethic skills that they will need as adults. This is why we have set up this nonprofit to award funds based on community work hours, as well as to offer various forms of business plan lessons, including marketing and budgeting. Our goal is to further assist these atheletes to develop into successful adults.
Our approach includes the folllowing components
"Traditional fundraising"- this will include things such as car washes and garage sales.
"Personal Business"- parent volunteers will assist interested atheletes in making and selling items for the farmers market this summer. We are currently working on a booth at WF farmers market as well as the CFalls market. We will work with students to choose a project, teaching them the basics of a business plan, including pricing supplies, setting a sales price, and marketing. We will also work with students on sales pitches, and with becoming comfortable selling their items to strangers. There will be a secondary component to this project, atheletes willl be able to present their business plans too family and friends, showing them what their end goal for raised funds will be, and asking for matching donations. The atheletes are not simply asking for donatoins, they are showing that they will be working to earn the money. This is a fantastic way for parents to encourage the successful completoin of the project by agreeing to submit a tax deductible donation on behalf of their child as a reward for their hard work.
"General Funds Community Service"- we have already begun discussions with local businesses asking for donations into our general fund. Again, these are tax deductible donations. These funds will be awarded based on work hours for community service projects. We will submit a full report to each business, including pictures, of what difference their donation made to the community.
We have multiple projects in the works, including lawn care for residents in need, visits to the veterans home, as well as joining with several other nonprofits to assist them in their community efforts. While earning money for their extracurricular activities, we will be instilling a connection with, and sense of responsibility, for our community. We will also be able to show our supporting businesses how their funds have done Morse than buy them a banner or link on a website, these donations will directly result in hundreds of hours being dedicated to serving our community.
We have several other projects in the works as well. For example, we are exploring a work element where we will partner with businesses. Atheletes can visit the business, take a tour- learning what the business does, then they will complete several hours of tasks for the business. The business would make a donation to the nonprofit, as well as provide feedback for each participant on what they did right, or what they could do better in a "real" job environment.
We are also working on organizing several projects where carpenters, or other skilled laborers, will work with the kids to finish a modest project for use in a community service project. As well as working on a partnership with WFMR to help with projects that will enhance ski season, while building positive relationships with the mountain.
We have hopes that we will be able to expand this to all athletics, as well as other extracurricular activities. This year we will limit our scope to members of FVSEF Race Team, MARS, WFMR Freestyle Team, as well as a partnership with the Missoula Race Team. We are extremely excited about this opportunity for atheletes to earn money to assist in paying for their fees, as well as to learn many valuable life lessons. We also are excited for the various teams to partner and build better relationships amongst the atheletes.
This is what I need from You!
If you are interested in participating, please send me an email stating your athelete(s) name(s) and if there is a particular project they are interested in. We also need parent leads for several projects, if you are interested in assisting, please let me know.
We will be adding board members to the Powdered Soul board of directors, our goal is to keep all administrative costs at zero, with parental commitment we know we can make this happen. We want to see 100% of funds raised be awarded to atheletes. If you have community contacts and would like to assist in making calls to businesses, or have ideas for community service projects, please contact me. We will shortly have a uniform "ask" letter for anyone to use to make initial contact with a business or family member.
We hope you are as excited about this project as we are. The potentional for long term successs and community impact is tremendous. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.
We will be sending further informatoin out soon regarding timelines for the spring and summer projects.

Please watch for announcements in the next few weeks, we plan to get fully rolling by mid April!
Valerie Kneeland